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SCUBA (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus)

What is SCUBA Diving Like?

There is a plethora of animals (ie: corals, fish, crustaeceans) and plants (ie: algae, seaweed) in the undersea world. To even begin to describe the beauty is like trying to describe a whole new world, with exotic beings which look like they may be from another planet.

Everything underwater appears to be in slow motion. You are immediately relaxed in this new atmosphere called "Innerspace." The Earth's oceans cover three-fourths of its surface. The infinite number of creatures will amaze you. The awesome beauty of the sea is powerful enough to make you stop in your tracks as you stare at the elegance of these beings. Scuba diving is the ultimate way to observe these creatures up close and personal.

The Importance of Obtaining SCUBA Certification

This Open Water Certification Course is the first step or entry-level training for PADI Certification. It consists of classroom lectures, pool sessions to develop basic scuba skills and four open-water training dives. Divers who are certified under these standards will be qualified to:

  • Apply the knowledge and skills as outlined in the course.
  • Procure air, equipment and other services, such as diving wtih a commercial operation.
  • Engage in recreational open-water diving without direct or indirect supervision.
  • Plan, conduct and log open-water no-decompression dives when properly equipped and accompanied by another diver in conditions generally comparable to, or better than, those in which you were trained. (Always remember your limitations and level of experience.)

Scuba diving will teach you about the physics and physiology of immersing your body under pressure. Also, you cannot go diving on a commerical dive boat or with a commercial dive operation or resort unless you have a certification card. You will not be able to obtain air from a reputable dive shop. It is important to learn the rules of scuba and create new habits for visiting the underwater world and the best way to do this is through the proper instruction.

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