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Prerequisites for Open Water Certification


  • You must be in good health and complete the supplied medical/liability release form
  • You must be 15 years of age or older (10 or older for Junior Open Water Certification)
  • Physically, you should be a reasonably proficient swimmer and be comfortable and relaxed in the water.
  • Mentally, you should have a mature attitude, good judgment and self-discipline

Anyone interested in pursuing the excitement and adventure of diving should enroll. With proper equipment, knowledge and skills we may enter the water in complete safety to observe marine life for extended periods of time. Innerspace fills over three-quarters of our planet with fantastic beauty and an infinite variety of interesting life that is only available to the certified diver for close examination.

Completion of this course is only the beginning of your education in diving. Much will be learned afterwards through personal experience. Additional skills to expand your diving capabilities and increase your enjoyment can be obtained through Advanced Diver, Rescue Diver and Specialty Diver Courses. There are many things to do as a diver and learning how to do them the correct way through proper training makes them easier and more enjoyable. Plan now to obtain additional training to expand your diving capabilities.

Scuba diving is the ultimate way to stay in shape as it is great exercise!

Please note that 10-12 year olds must dive with a certified "parent" after completeing certification. 12-15 year olds can dive with a certified adult, who does not necessarily have to be a "parent"

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