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The Trench

About one mile south of the Breakers Reef lies a prominent man-made trough that runs east and west for about 100 yards and cuts across all three reef lines. The Trench, as it has been aptly named, was created to lay a Boca Raton sewage outfall pipe. Over the years it has become overgrown with hard corals and soft sponges, creating a superb marine habitat for tropical fish. There is an abundance of porkfish and spadefish.

The width of the underwater corridor varies from about 15-20 feet across. On either side, the inner ledges of the trench rise 10-12 feet from the sandy bottom. This is an excellent site for novice and seasoned divers as even when the current is strong, the rising walls of this cut run perpendicular to the current and provide protection to divers who can swim the length of this underwater aquarium while the currents pass by above.

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