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Pauls Reef

Paul's Reef is farther south near the town of Lake Worth about four miles south of Breaker's Reef. This reef is the end of a long reef formation with a depth of about 45 feet at the top and about 60 feet in the sand. It is very similar to Breaker's Reef but boasts a larger fish population.

Drift diving along the edge of this reef is excellent. In the sand you can find countless sand dollars, fighting conch and helmet shells. The walls of the reef are covered with orange elephant ear sponges, sea fans, soft corals and a variety of other sponges including gray tube sponges. This reef is an excellent choice for night dives and numerous large parrot fish can be found sleeping in their cocoons while octopus roam for prey. You may even glimpse an orange ball anemone before your light causes it to close.

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