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The Rebel Wreck

One of the best wreck sites in the Ft. Lauderdale area is that of the 150 foot freighter built in Norway, Rebel. She was sunk in the summer of 1985, not more than 400 yards from the Mercedes and sits upright and perfectly intact in 110 feet of water. She was confiscated for transporting illegal substances and purchased at Federal auction and donated to the Broward County Artificial Reef program.

The vessel is adjacent to a low profile coral reef and deep water red gorgonians, preferring strong currents, adorn the hull. The main deck of the ship is at approximately 85 feet and visibility can be exceedingly good when the Gulf Stream passes across its bridge. Sometimes, when conditions are just right, you can see the ship from the surface.

There was once a towering mast which has since topped and two large booms are splayed across the cargo holds. The prop remains intact and the hull is full of fish and spiny oysters. There are lots of big fish! Don't miss this classic advanced wreck dive.

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