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Hammerhead Reef

About half a mile south of Port Everglades, along the third reef line, lies Hammerhead Reef. The depth here ranges from 60 to 60 feet on the west side and plunges down to 80 feet on the Atlantic or eastern side. This is a stretch of 2.5 miles of reef that ends at the Dania Pier and profiles as high as 18 feet in some places.

This coral ledge features severe undercuts and crevices which offer shelter tropical fish and sleeping turtles. Barrel and basket sponges line the lip of the ledge along the drop-off. Southern sting rays are often found buried in the sand along the edge of the reef.

Because of its proximitry to Port Everglades, this is a very popular area for both private and charter dive boats. It can be done as a drift dive and please don't forget your camera, as it is a very photogenic reef!

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