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Fishers Pedestal

One of Ft. Lauderdale's more popular dive sites is Fisher's Pedestal. This reef is located on the inside of the middle reef in a large open sandy area. Three large mushroom-shaped coral heads emerge from the sand to form a triangle. Reminiscent of a pedestal, these towering coral heads begin in 30 feet of water and rise to about 18 feet from the surface.

One of the larger mounds has a long coral encrusted overhang that is home to a cleaning station. Tiny neon gobies and patient Pederson cleaning shrimp service the numerous fish taking advantage of this "work station" by removing unwanted parasites from their gills and scales. You will often notice tiger grouper and barracudas in line waiting their turn under the arch.

Angelfish in this area are particularly friendly. There are also large anemones with delicate cleaner shrimp situated on the ledge on the south side of the pedestal which offer a wonderful photo opportunity.

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